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Mum and Dad’s millennial wild child from across the pond

Hey, I’m Erin.

I’ve traded clam chowder for fish and chips, and currently reside in Old’ Merry England. As mom will tell you, I’m a goth, singer, historian, author, but simply, I’m her daughter.

My guest posts will be all about being a rock star on tour, working my way through writing to my first novel (yikes!), my book club, and living in the UK as a foreigner.

I’ll be writing to you next about what it’s like being an American in the UK, so if you’ve got any questions about tips, tricks, directions, leave ’em in the comments and I’ll answer them in my next post.

Fun fact: In England, people don’t call their mothers ‘mom’. The affectionate term used is ‘mum’. If you say the word ‘mom’, everyone will know you’re American.
Here’s a little pic of me on stage.


Picture credit goes to: Jamie McGarry